Day 27 – Favourite revival

1776. The one with Brent Spiner, though he isn’t in this clip.

Day 21 - Musical that makes you cry the hardest

So hard to pick just one! I finally went with Man of La Mancha because, well, STOKES, but also because I couldn’t find any appropriate clips from the OBC of Nine. Can Brian Stokes-Mitchell please be in all the things? 

Day 20 - Musical that makes you laugh the hardest

Really it’s a bit of a tie between this and Book of Mormon, and we haven’t had a clip from here yet. Also, my friend Jen is the puppeteer with the short blonde hair, and last summer I got to meet and hug John Tartaglia, and pin a cat pin on Rod.

Day 19 - Favourite Tony Award performance

No question - Lion King. Because once you’ve seen that, you’ve seen the show. Congratulations, I have just saved you all $250. Seriously, this is incredible - but this is as good as it gets. Nothing else in the show comes close to the first 10 minutes, which is what they did on the Tonys. You’re done now, you’re welcome.

Day 18 - Musical you have seen the most times

The Mystery of Edwin Drood, OBC. Saw it 11 times. This was back in the dark ages, when you could actually afford to go to the theatre.

Okay, I was out of town and missed a few days. Here’s a bit of fluffy happiness as interest - Robert Lindsay’s hat-fu is the best.

Day 13 - Musical with the best spectacle

This one was hard for me, because I don’t generally go to the theatre to see chandeliers and helicopters (at least, not anymore) - so I went with the chandeliers. I saw Phantom of the Opera in London before it ever came to the States, and I saw it 5 more times with the OBC (well, most of it. I was lucky enough to only have to endure Sarah Brightman twice - her alternates were ALWAYS better). Definitely Webber’s best work (I know, that’s not saying much), and Michael Crawford was just extraordinary.

Day 9 - A musical you want to sing.

Not my favourite clip, for all that it’s the Tonys. I’m going to go with Next To Normal here, the logic being that if I was only SINGING Diana (and I totally could), I wouldn’t want to shoot myself all the time like I would if I was actually DOING the show.

Day 06 - Favourite Actress

Angela Lansbury, no question. The woman is a goddess (and has never had an un-gorgeous day in her life). This clip is her on the ‘89 Tony Awards (the sound is a bit weird, but it’s all there for the actual song) doing Gypsy, which I like better than Merman’s, which I like better than everyone else’s.