I've come to the conclusion that I need some CJ Cregg in my life right about now. Any episode suggestions?


Hmm… Galileo, Shibboleth, Manchester, Access, Celestial Navigation. CJ’s pretty consistently great, particularly in seasons 1-4, so you can’t really lose.

He Shall From Time to Time, Woman of Qumar, The Long Goodbye.

IMHO, CJ Cregg is the greatest female character ever written…at least, that I’ve come across.

Today requires a double dose of Ziegler.

Reblogging in honour of the block of S5 that BBCA is good enough to be showing right now, because that will always be MY Doctor (and oh how I miss him, please bring him back) - and anything is better with Mrs Landingham in. I miss her too.

In honour of my 200th follower (and to amuse my boyfriend)! May I present - Shakespeare, the way it was meant to be played.

I love you all!

In honour of being fuckyeahwestwing's 201st follower and prompting intros and happiness, I offer this, a scene from “17 People” which I directed and choreographed at the summer camp I work for, in which Donna gives Josh a bit more than he bargained for.