Day 30 - Last musical you saw

Sadly, they did not do THIS. But oh my do I love them.

Day 29 - A musical from which you own a lot of merchandise 

Much as it pains me to say it. Sue me, I was 16 and there was a bunch of merch to be had, and dammit, I wanted it.

Day 28 - Favorite Play

Let it be known that when I list John Guare’s brilliant “The House of Blue Leaves” as my favourite play, I am NOT talking about the version with Ben Stiller in it - if anything, I am talking about the one with John Mahoney and Swoosie Kurtz, but this is the only clip I could find.

Day 27 – Favourite revival

1776. The one with Brent Spiner, though he isn’t in this clip.

Day 26 - Favourite film adaptation

Definitely this. Or Sound of Music. Don’t bother me with the stage version of either.

Day 25 – Favourite book of a musical 

Like the man says, “George Furth and Stephen Sondheim’s Company.”

Day 24 – Dream role in a musical 

Yeahh, it’s Sunday again. I want to play Dot so badly it hurts.

Day 23 - Favourite song from any show 

Favourite song AND favourite show. Convenient, that.

Day 22 – Favourite musical that you have been in

Why should I tell you the answer to this one, when I can SHOW you? Big smoochies to Patrick, who gave me the best 8 minutes out of a rather crappy year. GOD, I’m dying to do this role again.

Day 21 - Musical that makes you cry the hardest

So hard to pick just one! I finally went with Man of La Mancha because, well, STOKES, but also because I couldn’t find any appropriate clips from the OBC of Nine. Can Brian Stokes-Mitchell please be in all the things? 

Day 20 - Musical that makes you laugh the hardest

Really it’s a bit of a tie between this and Book of Mormon, and we haven’t had a clip from here yet. Also, my friend Jen is the puppeteer with the short blonde hair, and last summer I got to meet and hug John Tartaglia, and pin a cat pin on Rod.

Day 19 - Favourite Tony Award performance

No question - Lion King. Because once you’ve seen that, you’ve seen the show. Congratulations, I have just saved you all $250. Seriously, this is incredible - but this is as good as it gets. Nothing else in the show comes close to the first 10 minutes, which is what they did on the Tonys. You’re done now, you’re welcome.

Day 18 - Musical you have seen the most times

The Mystery of Edwin Drood, OBC. Saw it 11 times. This was back in the dark ages, when you could actually afford to go to the theatre.

   Day 17 - Favorite Composer
Well, DUH. 

Day 17 - Favorite Composer

Well, DUH. 

Day 16 - Favourite Musical Couple